Sunday, March 2, 2008

EJ's Halloween Costumes

Halloween 2006-EJ was a flower fairy. I used a "Tinker Belle" pattern, then added the flowers, tulle under her skirt, wings and shoes. It took forever to add all of the flowers to her dress and wings, but it was worth it!

Halloween 2007-EJ was a cute witch! I used a Disney princess pattern. I embellished a pre-made hat and broom.
Halloween 2008-Ej was a Ladybug. I used the same pattern as the flower fairy, just added more "poof"....


  1. Hey I love your blog...where did you get the's perfect! You are crazy to do those halloween costumes, but they are sure cute...maybe you should go into business making them (in all of your spare time)!

  2. Holy cow do you have a talent with those costumes. You need to sell them. Check out to see what others do. If anything you could pick up a few bucks to make more for your own children.

  3. Holy cow do you ever have a talent in making costumes!

  4. Little girl looking cute so cute in ladybug dress.