Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

On Christmas night, after my husband and sweet (but exhausted!) kids were tucked into bed, I finally had a moment to myself. I sat in my living room, surrounded by Christmas present and Christmas past. Christmas present; the million pieces of Lego's, Littlest Pet Shop, various games, dolls, stocking stuffers and of course, Zhu Zhu pets! Christmas past; mainly my memories, but also tangible things that remind me of times gone by. I have ornaments that I made as a child, as well as ornaments made by my own children. Snow globes and homemade treasures from special friends. All kinds of visual memories. But one of my favorites sits atop a pine pole tree in my front room. A tree that is filled with little paper mache houses, and other vintage ornaments. She is a Noma Christmas Angel, circa 1940. She belonged to my beloved Grandma, and was a huge part of Christmas while growing up. It just wasn't Christmas until the angel was lovingly placed on top of the tree. When her silver and white paper dress wasn't "hip" anymore, Grandma sewed a new one of pink felt, complete with little pink pearls. Oh there were a couple of years when a star tried to take her place, but she always seemed to find her way back to the top of our family tree. And it was there she stayed for 40 plus years until my Grandmother passed away. What a sad Holiday that was. It just wasn't the same without her, and still isn't 23 years later. What I do have to bring those wonderful memories back is my Angel. So that's what I did Christmas night. Reminisced about the past, the present and the future. It was a wonderful Christmas present, just for me. How about you? Do you have a special treasure that conjures up wonderful memories of the past? If so, keep it close to you always.

And speaking of treasures, look at what my friend Sandra Evertson sent me....

Isn't it beautiful? I have the perfect spot in my office:) Thanks Sandra!!! I love it! Check out Sandra's blog at She is one of the most talented women I know:)

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous New Year!
Oh, I have one more thing I wanted to share. This is my nephew, Briggs with my other nephew Quayden. In November of 2008, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Last Christmas it was touch and go, and he spent most of 2009 in and out of the Children's hospital. Three days before Christmas he had his last Chemo treatment, and was able to spend the Holiday at home! He's on the mend at last! I just wanted to share this little miracle from my neck of the woods! Yeah Briggs!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snowman Conundrum ....

What in heavens name can I put in Mr. Snowman's hands? I'm leaning towards a felt flower with a painted stem... Any ideas? Christmas is coming!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Favorite Holiday Vintage Image ...

..and what I did with it! Created a holiday fold out card! Here's the link in case you'd like to do the same: . Hoping to post a Snowman pic tomorrow. I need some advice, as my creative train has stopped at the station. How do I get it to start again? Especially since Christmas is coming soon and I've got gifts to finish? AAACCCKKK! Advice please:)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Build a Snowman!

No, there's no snow here yet, but that doesn't mean I'm not building snowmen! I'm putting together a bunch of stuffed snowmen for Christmas gifts this year. Not getting very far, but maybe this weekend I'll get one posted. Until then, I thought I would share Snowman In A Can! Wouldn't these make great neighbor gifts? To save time (what? save time?), you could just purchase a scarf and mittens. You could also use a different container, I just thought the idea of a Snowman in a Can was cute:).

Here's what you'll need:

Black Fimo Clay
Light green patterned paper
Pinking shears
Craft glue
Red Brad
Sewing Machine and thread
Craft stick (tongue depressor)
Red rick-rack
Cream colored cardstock
Round tag (Making Memories)
Embroidery floss:
red, bright green, and orange
Craft wire
Excelsior (to fill the can)
Snowflake charm (Making Memories)
red, bright green, and orange Craft wire
Large paint can (I found it at Home Depot)
Page protector (like you use in Scrapbooking)
Copy, paste and print out this mitten template. It should be about the size of a toddlers mittens....

Put it all together:

Cut a strip of the green felt 5x46”. Cut another small strip of the green 2x11 inches. Cut two red squares 5”x5”. These are for the scarf. Double the red felt and cut two mittens (you will have four mittens). Do the same with the earmuffs. Out of the orange felt, cut the nose. Cut two primitive hearts out of the green felt, and two out of the red. Next, cut two green stars. Hand stitch a star to the right side of both mittens. Make sure you sew on the correct side (thumbs up). Do the same with the earmuffs. Sew one of the red squares to the bottom of the scarf-Right sides together. Do the same with the opposite side. Cut fringe in the red square. Next, hand stitch the two red hearts on the topside of the scarf. Sew the mittens-wrong sides together, All along the outside seam. Cut the seam allowance down with the pinking shears. Do the same with the earmuffs. Next, sew the nose right sides together on the long end. Turn right sides out. Sew a running stitch with the orange floss along the top of the nose. Next, stuff with excelsior, glue the stick in place, and pull the threads tight. Cut a piece of wire about 11 inches long. Using a zig-zag stitch, sew the wire to the small strip of green felt. Cut close to the wire using the pinking shears. Glue to the earmuffs. Using the clay, sculpt the “Coal”. Follow the directions on the package to cook the “coal”. Sew a small bag out of two small pieces of the page protector. Place the coal inside, sew shut. Place the excelsior, mittens, scarf, nose, and bag of coal inside the can. Attach the earmuffs to the top of the can with two pieces of wire on either side. Using the patterned paper, solid cardstock and ric-rac, make a label. I laminated mine using a home laminator (xyron). Place on the front of the can. Place the snowflake charm on the vellum tag and attach with the colored brad.

*I wrote this pattern years ago, so I hope it still make sense. If you have any questions, please let me know! Have a great day~Paige

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Awesome Blog Give Away!

Is the blog of the month. They're having a contest where you can win a personalized print, and they're darling! I follow her on Twitter, and love to see what she creates. Not only that, she live in France. How cool is that? Here's a peek of her work....

So cute! If you head over to the , you can vote on how you would like to download the cute image bellow. She also has some other really cool freebies, like embroidery patterns, scrapbook papers and paper dolls. Now I'm really getting in the mood for Christmas:)

Saturday, November 14, 2009


WHEW! It's taking forever to get the motivation to get sewing again! I am trying my best to make it a "Handmade" Christmas gift year. I usually do part of my gifts handmade i.e. I machine embroider names on blankets, towels, aprons....But this year, for friends and family, I'm going all the way! Let's see how long this lasts.....Anyhow, I came across this awesome bag pattern from

It's so cute, AND it sews up in 3 hours or less! Wahoo! I can't wait to try it! The pattern also comes with a mini size, so I can sew one up for Emma! BONUS:). Well off to sew... Oh and I almost forgot! WWC is having a big blog contest. Go check it out for some prizes! The contest ends tomorrow @ midnight, so hurry and get your comment in. While you're there, check out the post on Amy Flynn. She is the very talented artist behind Fobots. Comment on her post for a chance to win a signed Fobots calendar. BTW: If you're an Anthropologie fan, (and who isn't!) Amy's Fobots are featured in the Christmas catalog! Check it out here... Ok. Now I'm REALLY off to sew!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Here's Emma Jayne as Witch number two. Yes, this is the second time she's been a Witch ( Not the same costume, mind you. But a Witch non the less. I REALLY wanted her to be Cinderella. Had the perfect pattern all ready to go. When I showed it to her, she said "No Mom, I really want to be a Witch". "But Emma", I begged, "Wouldn't you RATHER be a princess?". She wouldn't budge, and no amount of cajoling was going to change her mind. Luckily, my friend Patty Young of sent me a really cute pattern that I was excited to try. I also had a bunch of fabric left over from the first Witch, so I set to work on Witch #2. Patty's pattern (called Emma, appropriately enough!), was one of the easiest patterns I have ever used. The directions were very easy to follow, and the sizing was spot on. The pattern even included a little purse because, let's face it, every little girl needs a matching purse! Thanks Patty for making my second little Witch costume easy as pie and cute as a button:).

ETA: Forgot to mention that after I had all of the pieces cut out, Emma marched up to my sewing room and announced "I think I want to be a Princess now". Not this time little missy:). I pulled out the picture of the pattern and told her "Look, it's a Princess WITCH"....."Oh. Ok Mom". A "Princess" Witch it was....

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Where Women Create....

The official "Where Women Create" blog is almost finished! Wahoo! As soon as I get done with the finishing touches, I'll post a grand opening announcement!!!! In the mean time, follow this link to see the latest issue

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Plethora Of Pumpkins!!!!

They're finally done! Just in time for Thursday's Bunco @ my house:). Here's the pumpkin parade......

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fabric Awesomeness!

You have got to see Lila Tueller's blog! Just the most gorgeous fabric and patterns:). The baby dresses that I made for Sophie are from her pattern. It was so easy to follow and it turned out great! Well, she's having a contest right now for a Jelly Roll of her new fabric line "Eden". Go check it out ASAP! I'm debating heading to Quilt Market, but I swear I'd come back broke!

Wouldn't it make a cute skirt for Miss Emma J?

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Who's got the Pumpkin?

Pumpkins:)! I'm making these little guys in two sizes for my Bunco group. I'll post them all together when I'm done.......

Monday, September 28, 2009


It's getting to be Halloween sewing time! Sew (Ha! Ha!) guess what I'll be doing tomorrow??? Sewing pumpkins for lucky Bunco winners! Yeah! Guess what else?? Remember when I said my buddy Patty Young sent me that darling "Emma" pattern? Well stay tuned to see what it's going to be. I'll give you a hint: If you don't use a broom to sweep, you might wear this outfit.....HHHMMMM???

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Another Day, Another Dress....

Here's another dress for baby Sophie. I love 30's prints, so I couldn't help sew another dress with this cute pattern:)

*I have to brag about my creative little Mason. First, look at his watercolor tribute to Vincent Van Gogh's "Sunflowers". When he presented it to me, He said "Mom, I know he's your favorite artist, so I had to paint this for you". What a sweetie! I framed it and it hangs in my studio.

Here's the original. It sold in 1987 for 49 million dollars. A record at the time.....

Yesterday we spent the evening searching for leaves for his school project. He arraigned them himself and even decorated the cover. I just had to share........

*Yes, I need a new camera!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lil' Pumpkin...

Pumpkin. Pumpkin, Pumpkin. It's getting to be that time of year again, so today I sewed a felted pumkin! Years ago I felted a large pumpkin. I didn't really love it (as you have to for a pumpkin!)so today I cut it into pieces, sewed them back together. I think I love him.....

Monday, September 7, 2009

Baby Sophie's Dress...

I sewed up this little Onesie dress for Baby Sophie. I used this shirring technique and it was so easy! I hate trying to pull gathers, so using the elastic thread was a lifesaver. The pattern was from but I altered it a bit by using knit fabric. I'm not great with knits, but thanks to my wonderful Mother-in-Laws great tips, I'm getting there:).
This lavender lace trim is from a vintage lot I purchased a few years ago. It's truly one of a kind! Perfect for sweet little Sophie.....

Friday, September 4, 2009

In the begining........

In the 90's My Mom, Dad and I had a craft business called Sweet Pea's friends, so named because we used to call my oldest son Sweetpea (Oh I hope he doesn't read this or he'll KILL me!!). My Dad was a master with wood, especially the lathe, so we started out creating pole snowmen, witches, Uncle Sam & Aunt Samantha, Santa's and bunnies. Later, my Dad created the basic bodies for me, while I sewed the clothes, painted and accessorized Witches, Santa's, Dolls, bunnies, you name it! My Mom is an excellent painter, so she did the master painting. She painted pots, wood signs even custom made (by my Dad) children's furniture. We had such a great time going to craft shows and selling to gift shops around town. One of my greatest Thanksgiving memories was the time we finished up eating, then pulled out the wood snowmen to paint because we had a huge order to fill! After I got pregnant with Mason, I had to slow down so we taught painting classes in my garage. It was so much fun having everyone get together and create! Our classes were always full and always fun:). After Mason was born, we kind of fizzled out. I still did some small projects for a few of my friends (well sewing for the Parade of Homes wasn't small, but fun!), but not like before. In 2003, I started freelancing for Chapelle publications doing Scrapbooking projects of all things! I had never really Scrapbooked before, but I though I would try for creativity sake. I had just finished working on my first project when my beloved Dad died suddenly. I was devastated, but I kept working. I knew that my Dad would be proud of me for what I was doing. After I published my first book, I dedicated it to my Dad. He was always my creative champion. When something didn't look right to me, my Dad would always say "You want it to look homemade, not manufactured. Remember, it's from your heart, ." I'll never forget that. I sure miss him, but I'm glad I do still have some of the projects we made. Emma Jayne has a special handmade table and chair set that she plays with every day and I still have some pole Santa's and pumpkins. I'll never part with those:). I loved working for Chapelle. Fun times. After Emma was born, Chapelle closed and I was so busy with the kids to really do anything other than personal projects. Now I'm doing some freelance web work for Magazine and it is wonderful! I absolutely love the magazine and all of the creative women involved. So if you have a Facebook or Twitter account, please join us! and Twitter is . I have a personal Twitter too, so follow me at . I'm in the process of putting buttons on my page, but there aren't enough hours in the day. For now, enjoy these early crafty moments that I just discovered in an old photo album. I don't have any of these things. I wonder who does?

One of my favorites. The Snow Couple. I wish I had these guys.I LOVED Debbie Mumm and used her fabric whenever I could......
In honor of my husband, The Fly Fishing Santa. No, Bruce doesn't look like Santa, he's a Fly Fisherman:)

Sweetpea himself (he's 15 Now!!!!).
*Remember the Forrest Green/Mauve combo? Gotta love the 90's:). Uncle Sam and Aunt Samantha....

The Moose Couple....

A smaller version.....

Pole Bunnies....

The Bunny Couple.....
*90's florals. These were upholstery fabrics. Does anyone have a couch like that? Pretty popular back in the day........

Witches. I'm really tempted to make one of these again......

Hope you've enjoyed this little "crafty" memory lane:) Have a great day!

* As you can see, I wasn't a great photographer back then either. At least we have digital cameras now............