Sunday, August 9, 2009

Volland Books.....

I absolutely love vintage children's books. My favorites, by far are by the P.F. Volland company. You can read the company history here:http://http// What makes the Volland books so wonderful, is the illustrations by such talented artists as Janet Laura Scott, Carmen L. Browne,Katherine Sturges Dodge, Carrie Dudley, M.T. Ross and Johny Gruelle (Of Raggedy Ann fame). Here are some examples of their work.

Janet Laura Scott: My personal favorite. I love how she captures the essence of the Art Deco time period. The colors she uses are so vibrant and the children are just darling! I'd love to own all of her books!
This image is from "Betty, Bobby and Bubbles" by Edith Mitchell. You can view the complete book here:

This image is from my favorite vintage children's book, The Turned Into's by Elizabeth Gordon. The story is fabulous and the illustrations are stunning. Simply the best Volland book in my humble opinion!

This one is from another wonderful JLS book called Happy All The Day Through. Written by John G. Bowman, it's filled with darling illustrations....

Carrie Dudley: Carrie's books are very hard to find. Especially in good condition. Both of these are interactive books with cut outs. Again, look at the great example of Art Deco styling.....

Katharine Sturges Dodge:
A great artist in the (again!) Art Deco style...Are we sensing a theme here?

I love this book & it's companion below. Both were written by Carrie Jacobs-Bond.

You can read it here:
This is a really neat book with both a cute story and lovely illustrations.....

Carmen L. Browne:

This is such a sweet book. Written by Olive Beupre Miller of the "Book House series" fame, darling story with beautiful illustrations.


  1. Oh My!!!! I love these books. The artwork is fabulous. While I never condone ripping pages from a book, can't you just see these framed and hung in a child's room.... Such a sense of contentment and innocence....

  2. What gorgeous books! Yet another thing I want to collect!