Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Build a Snowman!

No, there's no snow here yet, but that doesn't mean I'm not building snowmen! I'm putting together a bunch of stuffed snowmen for Christmas gifts this year. Not getting very far, but maybe this weekend I'll get one posted. Until then, I thought I would share Snowman In A Can! Wouldn't these make great neighbor gifts? To save time (what? save time?), you could just purchase a scarf and mittens. You could also use a different container, I just thought the idea of a Snowman in a Can was cute:).

Here's what you'll need:

Black Fimo Clay
Light green patterned paper
Pinking shears
Craft glue
Red Brad
Sewing Machine and thread
Craft stick (tongue depressor)
Red rick-rack
Cream colored cardstock
Round tag (Making Memories)
Embroidery floss:
red, bright green, and orange
Craft wire
Excelsior (to fill the can)
Snowflake charm (Making Memories)
red, bright green, and orange Craft wire
Large paint can (I found it at Home Depot)
Page protector (like you use in Scrapbooking)
Copy, paste and print out this mitten template. It should be about the size of a toddlers mittens....

Put it all together:

Cut a strip of the green felt 5x46”. Cut another small strip of the green 2x11 inches. Cut two red squares 5”x5”. These are for the scarf. Double the red felt and cut two mittens (you will have four mittens). Do the same with the earmuffs. Out of the orange felt, cut the nose. Cut two primitive hearts out of the green felt, and two out of the red. Next, cut two green stars. Hand stitch a star to the right side of both mittens. Make sure you sew on the correct side (thumbs up). Do the same with the earmuffs. Sew one of the red squares to the bottom of the scarf-Right sides together. Do the same with the opposite side. Cut fringe in the red square. Next, hand stitch the two red hearts on the topside of the scarf. Sew the mittens-wrong sides together, All along the outside seam. Cut the seam allowance down with the pinking shears. Do the same with the earmuffs. Next, sew the nose right sides together on the long end. Turn right sides out. Sew a running stitch with the orange floss along the top of the nose. Next, stuff with excelsior, glue the stick in place, and pull the threads tight. Cut a piece of wire about 11 inches long. Using a zig-zag stitch, sew the wire to the small strip of green felt. Cut close to the wire using the pinking shears. Glue to the earmuffs. Using the clay, sculpt the “Coal”. Follow the directions on the package to cook the “coal”. Sew a small bag out of two small pieces of the page protector. Place the coal inside, sew shut. Place the excelsior, mittens, scarf, nose, and bag of coal inside the can. Attach the earmuffs to the top of the can with two pieces of wire on either side. Using the patterned paper, solid cardstock and ric-rac, make a label. I laminated mine using a home laminator (xyron). Place on the front of the can. Place the snowflake charm on the vellum tag and attach with the colored brad.

*I wrote this pattern years ago, so I hope it still make sense. If you have any questions, please let me know! Have a great day~Paige


  1. Oh, so cute and wonderful!!!!! Thank you!!!!

  2. That is so cute! I know lots of families that would love that. Thanks!

  3. love your blog, this snowman is such a great idea. thanks for coming to my bog, saying hello and entering the giveaway. good luck and thanks for becoming a follower.

  4. Totally cute Paige. Did you see you won something over on Sandi Henderson's giveaway?! Lucky girl!

  5. I LOVE this! Thank you!!!
    Cheery wave from Bev

  6. I made these about 10 years ago..... Yours are much more I bought plastic top hats from US Toy Company and placed all the items for a snowman in that - I used puzzle felt (b/c my son has autism). I made 70 of these. I used to give something to my neighbors every year, all of my son's doctors offices and therapists. I remember we had a bad winter and as rough as things were - with challenges - it was heartwarming to see all the snowmen up and down our street showing their support for autism awareness!!!! xox