Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!

It's a brand New Year! Wahoo! What do you have in store for the New Year? Any resolutions or big plans you'd like to share? I've got some exciting projects I've been working on for WWC. The first is the new private blog exclusively for Silver Suitcase members. You can read about it here: . I hope to have it up and running by February 1st, if not sooner. The next is the Creative Connection, another fun project for Women. You can read about it here: .

As for resolutions? I don't know if I have any .... Let me think...Oh, I definitely need to be more organized! That's a good resolution. Be more organized. Oh yeah, and finish the thousand sewing/crafting projects I have lined up to finish. Another good one. How about exercise more? Go to bed earlier? Stop procrastinating? Have more patience? Volunteer more? AH! I guess I have a few:). Lot's to work on! Better get started.....
Welcome to the New Year. I hope you have a great one that is blessed with love.
And speaking of blessed, I have to share this beautiful necklace I bought from Beth Quinn designs. Beth is a talented jewelry artist who creates the most amazing things. She was nice enough to offer a necklace in our 12 (that turned into 16) days of Christmas contest, and the winner was absolutely thrilled with it! She's having a contest right now over on her blog . Visit to enter for your chance to win a necklace just like mine. I personalized mine with my mantra for the coming year "She's So Blessed". What would you choose? What's your mantra for the coming year?


  1. I think we share all the same resolutions. Ah...except for me, they are always the same and usually come somewhere around April or so, they all fall apart. the necklace. Have to check her out. Thanks again for the button. Trying to add yours to my blog - alas - it won't work. Support is working on it. Really need to jump to typepad. Ah, there's another one of my new years resolutions. Move my blog to make my life easier. :>) Happy New Year Paige!

  2. Curiosity has got me about the private blog. can you give us some clues as to the purpose etc. etc. thanks!
    Happy New year to you too paige!

  3. I absolutely love this necklace and mantra! Last year my mantras were "clarity" and "simplicity". I made major strides with both themes. This year my mantra is "focus". So far, so good! Your mantra gives me warm fuzzies : )

  4. PS didn't mean to post anonymously - still a bit tech-challenged : )