Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

In honor of Valentine's Day, I pulled out one of my very first sewing projects-A Valentine's sweatshirt cardigan that I made for Justine in 1995. Here are Juss and Colter in their Valentine portrait from that year...
Can you believe they're 15 and 18 now?

A more detailed view...

I didn't even use a sewing machine because #1. I didn't dare try and #2 I couldn't figure out how to work my Mom's old Singer! Everything is sewn by hand. I purchase a child size sweatshirt, cut off the collar and cuffs, cut directly down the center of the front. Then I used fusible web to hold down the 1/2 inch seam all around the cardigan and the cuffs. Next, I sewed a blanket stitch all around. I think I used a cookie cutter for the patter of the hearts, then fused them down and sewed them on with the beads. The buttons are held on using button loops. I did it a little differently, but I found a great tutorial here: . Justine absolutely loved this cardigan! She wore it all the time:). I can't believe how well it held up. Now it's Emma's turn! Maybe I'll use this same (except this time I will for sure use my sewing machine!) method and make an easter one. Wouldn't that be cute? On another crafty Holiday note...This year instead of buying the traditional Valentine cards for his class, Mason and I created these:

Luckily I was helping in his class so I could bring them up:). The kids LOVED it and the cost was about the same as the usual buying the Valentines and adding candy). Fun times....Especially crafting with Mason! I hope you have a great Valentine's Day!


  1. What cute kids. I may have to try and make your cute cardigan for my granddaughter.

  2. ahhh...times past and present, you must have loved that cardigan to have kept it.
    Nothing like the homemade valetines, for a minute I thought there was going to be hearts in a Mason jar!
    How fun to go to the school.

  3. What a cute cardigan - that's awesome that you didn't sew any of it with the machine! And I love the homemade Valentines. I made Jacob's too - he picked them out from a Family Fun magazine. I just love making Valentines!

  4. Paige your blog is so lovely. What fun to look at old photos of our children and so hard to believe how fast they youngest is 14years. I am off to grab your button and add it to my sidebar. Many thanks again for finding me xoxoxo.

  5. Why not frame this sweet cardigan and decorate your (bedd)room with it? So, so cute!
    I'm off to read some of your earlier post. Lovely blog!

    Happy Thoughts!

  6. adorable is that cardigan?! What a cute idea and I love the comment - someone suggested framing it? You could put a valentine in there too and a love note from you in the frame. Your kids would love it.

  7. I love your sweater from way back when! I know how fast the years go too! Thanks for visiting my blog today and I'm so glad to be at yours also! Suzie

  8. I just found your blog and am absolutely in love with your Soda Valentines! What a most clever idea. While I enjoyed the finished product for my son's Valentines this year, I think it's the memories we created that were the most special. It looks like you have some wonderful ones with your children too. Thank you for sharing.