Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday Inspiration~OUCH!

On Tuesday I finally got braces. I've waited long enough ... They'll be coming off right before I turn (GASP!) 40. But I can't believe they hurt this much. Here it is four days later and I still can't eat. Maybe it gets better?
Any advice?

Anyway, here are some sites that have made me smile (with my new braces!) this week:

~ Nostalgia Organics~

This week Elea Lutz (founder of Nostalgia Organics)
is our Fabulous Friday Artist on WWC.

She has a line of all natural soaps and aromatherapy balms.

Aren't they cute?

I can't wait to try each and every one!

Her soap sacks even come packaged in a limited edition fabric sack with a label that unfolds into a sewing pattern!
Here's an example of the pincushion pattern:


Follow this link: to read her story and enter our comment drawing for a chance to win a prize package from Nostalgia Organics.

She's also offering a discount to our blog readers. Just enter WWC20 during checkout at

I've got quite a list ... I love handmade soap! And wouldn't it be cute to put one in an Easter basket? Especially for me 'cause I can't eat candy ... HINT.. HINT :)


I LOVE Peeps (or Peepers, as Emma calls them!), So when I saw this peeps garland project on

I knew I had to post about it.
Dana has all of the instructions on how to make one on her blog
Plus, she's having a giveaway where you can win one of your very own!

Head over and comment for your chance to win! Good luck!


Is this not the most GORGEOUS necklace? Doesn't it just scream "BUY ME PAIGE". "You just got BRACES, You NEED a pick-me up"! Can't you just hear it? I sure can! I found it at

Susan of Paperhill has the most lovely treasures! And not only that, her things are very reasonably priced!
Her blog, is one of my favorites. Very inspirational ... You'll want to add it to your blog roll for sure. Oh, and guess what? She's going to be a Fabulous Friday Featured Artist!
What a cool job I have....
Meeting all of these wonderful people ...

And speaking of wonderful people,
my friend Trish Preston over at

is having a huge Birthday week celebration, complete with some great giveaways.
Simply click on the "Two Peas" image to visit.
Happy Birthday Trish!

Now I'm off to drink the rest of my dinner ...
Have a great weekend everyone!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Inspiration~Embrace your inner "Sunshine" . . .

Early Monday morning, our garage was burglarized. My husband and my older son had their snowboards stolen and I my favorite bag was taken from my car . . .

My wallet and all of my credit cards were not in the bag (luckily!), but I LOVED THAT BAG! So Monday night I could not sleep. I thought of the violation, the invasion of privacy. What else could have been in that bag? What aspects of my life were these awful thieves finding in my bag? Did they find the Salted Nut Roll that my BFF Angie gave me on our trip to Island Park? What about Emma Jayne's Epi-pen? A million thoughts when through my head. So for some weird reason, in my insomniac state, I started thinking about something completely different. If you were a girl in the 70's, do you remember the Sunshine Family?

Steve, Stephie and baby Sweets. I had the family, house and the barn . . .

Believe it or not, I still have the cow. I named him "Milkey". How original! Anyhow, The Sunshine Family were the ultimate "Crafty" family. They even owned a craft store where they could make and sell their wares . . .

So here's what I'm thinking. In a Barbie world, I'm definitely a "Stephie". Oh sure, growing up I had just about every thing Barbie. And I loved her. I still do. But I never really related. Never in a million years could I figure out how to do that fabulous makeup job or do my hair like her or fill out one of her swimsuits. Then and now, Stephie was much more Paige. Even anatomically! I bet Steph and I probably look the same in a swimsuit. And Stephie could sew and grow vegetables and make a baby bed out of a berry basket and use a spinning wheel and milk a cow (ok, so I can't milk a cow or use a spinning wheel but I COULD! And I did make the baby bed out of a berry basket). That Stephie is one well rounded chick! So maybe Stephie wouldn't win a beauty contest or catch Ken's eye, but dang it, she was CRAFTY! And that's pretty cool to me. So I think I'll embrace my inner "Sunshine" and do something crafty today:). How about you?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

~Saturday Morning Inspiration~

First I have to start with BIG NEWS! The CREATIVE CONNECTION EVENT blog went live this week!

To celebrate the GRAND OPENING, we're having a huge contest! MaryJane Butters of MaryJanesFarm has donated a beautiful bedding set to one of our lucky readers!

Head over to to enter. Each week we'll have another FANTASTIC contest, so you'll want to follow the blog for sure! And if one BIG contest wasn't enough, We've got ANOTHER one on WWC!

Introducing ....

Each and every Friday we'll be featuring a creative Women, who will be donating a great prize to our readers. This week it's Fabric designer Bari J Ackerman.

Bari is long time friend of Where Women Create. She is a fabulously talented fabric designer, sewing maven and now, pattern designer! Her patterns are so darling! I want all of 'em! Head over to by Monday night to enter. This is a contest you DO NOT want to miss:). Thanks Bari! Click the image below to visit her site ...


Here are some other wonderful web discoveries I've found this week ...

Dottie angel! Isn't that a cool name? Her store is amazing! And her blog? I LOVE IT! I love her "Handmade" challenge. What a great idea! If you'd like to take the challenge, sign up at

Visit her darling store at

I REALLY want these buttons!

The next very cool blog I found is

How sweet are these?

Something funny about Emma.... She calls these "Rushing" dolls. They're really Matryoshka dolls of course, but I'll always think of them Emma's way:).

So cute for spring ...Really gets me in the mood for better weather:)

Please visit her Etsy shop here:
You'll love it!

Last but not least, I want to share a really neat online magazine that I LOVE ...

It's absolutely filled with great articles, crafts, printable downloads, links ... SO MUCH MORE! It's FABULOUS (I should really find another adjective, but I love FABULOUS!) ! I couldn't grab any more pics, so you've got to go see for yourself! I promise you'll thank me:).

That's all for today. Have a Fabu (OK...I'll use another word!) WONDERFUL weekend!

LOVE, Paige

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday Morning Inspiration ....

I'm going to start a new feature on my blog. Every Saturday I'm going to post some inspiring things I've run across in my Internet travels during the week. And working for WWC and TCC, I usually run across A TON! Get set for some serious crafty eye candy:)

~Cherry's Jubilee~

This is one talented Artist! Her shop is called Cherry's Jubilee and it's amazing! . I love, love, love all things vintage, so everything she does is right up my alley! You must go check out all of her original creations! They're all fabulous! Oh and affordable! I think I'll have to get a March card for my Mom's St. Paddy's Birthday!

~Bluebird Notes~

Bluebird notes is one of the most inspiring blogs I have ever seen! Koralee (Mrs. bluebird herself!), is not only a fabulous photographer, but an amazing writer as well. And guess what? She's going to be a features writer for WWC! I'm so excited to work with her! She is such a wonderful person and an ultra talented blogger! If you don't have on your blog roll, you simply must add her! It's like a dose of daily sunshine:)

~Sophie and Lilli~

Sophie and Lilli have the sweetest dolls! Truly one of a kind and absolutely darling! She posted her new spring line this week ... So cute! I have to say that I *think* the Easter Bunny might just have to put one in a certain little girls basket this year! She also started carrying fabric covered barrettes and ponytail holders. Maybe if I bought some of them it would convince Emma to sit still while I do her hair (PLEASE!!!). Visit Sophie and Lilli at


I love paper mache, so when Maggie Whitley featured this artist on her Friday Featured artist post, I had to check it out. WOW! Her Etsy site is filled with whimsical figures and such. They're amazing! She's so talented! You've got to check it out . Then, go visit Maggie's blog for your chance to win a beautiful flowered garland from Middleburg!

That's all for now, but stay tuned for the big announcement this week about the TCC blog!!!! I'm so excited!!!! Have a wonderful weekend!