Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Inspiration~Embrace your inner "Sunshine" . . .

Early Monday morning, our garage was burglarized. My husband and my older son had their snowboards stolen and I my favorite bag was taken from my car . . .

My wallet and all of my credit cards were not in the bag (luckily!), but I LOVED THAT BAG! So Monday night I could not sleep. I thought of the violation, the invasion of privacy. What else could have been in that bag? What aspects of my life were these awful thieves finding in my bag? Did they find the Salted Nut Roll that my BFF Angie gave me on our trip to Island Park? What about Emma Jayne's Epi-pen? A million thoughts when through my head. So for some weird reason, in my insomniac state, I started thinking about something completely different. If you were a girl in the 70's, do you remember the Sunshine Family?

Steve, Stephie and baby Sweets. I had the family, house and the barn . . .

Believe it or not, I still have the cow. I named him "Milkey". How original! Anyhow, The Sunshine Family were the ultimate "Crafty" family. They even owned a craft store where they could make and sell their wares . . .

So here's what I'm thinking. In a Barbie world, I'm definitely a "Stephie". Oh sure, growing up I had just about every thing Barbie. And I loved her. I still do. But I never really related. Never in a million years could I figure out how to do that fabulous makeup job or do my hair like her or fill out one of her swimsuits. Then and now, Stephie was much more Paige. Even anatomically! I bet Steph and I probably look the same in a swimsuit. And Stephie could sew and grow vegetables and make a baby bed out of a berry basket and use a spinning wheel and milk a cow (ok, so I can't milk a cow or use a spinning wheel but I COULD! And I did make the baby bed out of a berry basket). That Stephie is one well rounded chick! So maybe Stephie wouldn't win a beauty contest or catch Ken's eye, but dang it, she was CRAFTY! And that's pretty cool to me. So I think I'll embrace my inner "Sunshine" and do something crafty today:). How about you?


  1. So cute Paige...hope you find your bag!!! I do not remember the Sunshine Family at all but I am from Canada and all we seem to have was Barbie...which I so grew up with...I did like Skipper better. Hope your weekend is going well and you find your beloved bag.xoxoo

  2. I'm dying Paige! I LOVED the Sunshine Family. I only had the house (and had no idea they had a craft store) but they were my favorites. Thanks for reminding me!

  3. oh, and sorry about your bag and snow boards.....

  4. Hmmm. . . I am so sorry about the invasion - I know! doesn't it feel like someone just TRAMPLED your privacy?
    I graduated High School in 1976 - (maybe I should not have admitted that) - but I do not recall EVER hearing about "the Sunshine Family". Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch.
    I feel like I missed something really good. Hey! I only was in Jr. High in 1970! COME ON! I'm not that old.
    :) Well . . . thanks for the "laugh".
    Again I'm sorry about the theft. :(
    Have a better Sunday! Karen

  5. Ahh, love it Paige. I wanna be Stephie! Never heard of the Sunshine family but if they were still around I know my girls would love them! Sorry about the low life losers whose pathetic little lives led them to steal from your garage. The economy stinks and its sad to see that things like that - are on the rise. Hope you get some better sleep soon...

  6. Ughhhh! Paige, that makes me SO MAD too about your purse and the invasion of privacy!!!! I'm so glad you had your wallet though ~ I so remember the Sunshine Family too....I was a teenager at the time but always have loved dolls!! I hope you find a replacement bag and tighten up those hatches so the bad guys don't have a chance!!!
    hugs and love, Dawn

  7. OHMYGOSH! I would be sooo sad to lose that bag,too! I love it! AND... WOWWOWOWOW!! Did that bring back memories! I had the Sunshine family too! I loved the commercials on TV and played with that doll every day! too funny! I had forgotten about her and the whole set... wonder what happened to all that stuff? hmmm...
    Thanks for the fun post but sooo sorry to hear that you were violated by some low life who took advantage of you... thats just MEAN.
    Sending hugs and sweet thoughts your way!

  8. Hi Paige,
    So cute! I do remember those dolls, I think I was a bit past playing with dolls when they came out though. I remember playing with a lot of Trolls... I wonder what that says about me!! haha
    Thanks so much for adding my button to the Creative Connection blog, that's awesome!
    P.S. So sorry to hear that you were robbed. How awful!

  9. Sorry to hear about your burglary! That was a beautiful bag. Sorry it got taken from you. Glad that your wallet wasn't in there! I had my wallet stolen, and it was a fiasco to deal with!

  10. Wow...terrible that someone would do such a thing...I hope your things are recovered with malice to them. Love the Sunshine Family story though! Barbie was so out of my league...smiles!

  11. i feel completely cheated that, as a child of the 70s, i don't remember the sunshine family at all.
    is it strange that i feel the need to acquire one now?
    and i'm so sorry about the theft.
    that's just plain poop.

  12. Hi I love your site, I found you on Where Women Create, I follow them as well. I just started a blog and would love it if you would stop by and check it out!
    Thanks Francine
    hope to see you there

  13. I had all that, too!! My Mom still has the dolls sitting around in her living room:)

  14. I had the baby nursery set for the Sunshine Family. I think I still have the very loved baby in her yellow jumpsuit around here somewhere. Great post!!!

  15. This is a sweet blog. Sorry your bag moved on with out notice. Wishing you all good things.

  16. Lovely blog... so much inspiration. My younger sister had the Sunshine Family. I want to go live in their little make-believe world!:)

  17. I'd never heard of the Sunshine family, but I want one! So cute!