Monday, April 26, 2010

Where IS my Wonder Women suit????

Having girls means having Barbies, and Justine was the Barbie QUEEN! We had the dolls, the houses, the cars, the stores and every single accessory you could imagine. Every holiday or Birthday was Barbie overload! She'd spend hours and hours playing with Barbie. Changing her clothes a million times, fantasy dates with Ken, swimming in the pool, potty training Kelly. Fun times! But once she got older and outgrew her love of all things Barbie, we spent an afternoon cleaning out all of the dolls and their various extras to pass down to her younger sister, Chloe. We ended up packing five huge boxes to take home to her Mom's house, and Barbie was out of ours for a while ... That is until this past Fall. Chloe had now outgrown Barbie and now it was Emma Jayne's turn, so Justine came for the weekend with boxes FULL of Barbie stuff! Of course Emma is in heaven with all of these dolls and Juss is having a great time helping Emma experience the magic of Barbie. My job is to make sure they get picked up so Marley doesn't chew off their hands (her favorite chew toy!). So last week Emma came up to my office with the "Wonder Women" Barbie, wanting me to take off Barbie's Wonder Women suit so she could go "Swimming" in my mixing bowl. The week passed and papers quickly buried the Wonder Women suit where it sat until I cleaned my desk on Saturday. I thought about tracking down Wonder Women and reuniting her with her magic suit, but then I decided to add it to my collection of motivational things on my bulletin board....

Let's hope it motivates me. I mean really, how often do we need a "Wonder Women" suit just to get through the day? Right now I'm wondering when I will have the motivation to tackle the Leaning Tower of dishes in my sink, the MOUNTAIN of laundry to be washed, and the mess that I now call my closet? Not to mention take the dog for a walk and take a shower. Don't get me wrong. I absolutely love my job. Love being able to stay home with Emma. Love having the opportunities I have. But really, can't I just have a maid? Or a magic suit that I can put on when I actually need to clean up this house? Or go to the grocery store? Is that too much to ask? Probably ... So I'll stick with my motivational Wonder Women suit... Hey, I think it's working! Maybe I'll go down and do the dishes. Then I'll hit the laundry. Oh, and I could organize my closet! Wait ...On second thought, I think I'll go and color the sidewalk with Emma. Doesn't that sound like a better time?

*Here I am as Wonder Women Circa 1979

And speaking of Women WOMEN, Kim and Kris of fit this title perfectly! Here is their brand new video featuring THE CREATIVE CONNECTION:


Visit their blog by clicking this link

and don't forget to enter the HUGE contest
that they're running to celebrate TCC ... There are some FABULOUS prizes!
Wish I could enter ....:)
Have a great week!


  1. I didn't even know they made a Wonder Woman Barbie. Very cool little outfit. I think I would keep it as well.

  2. Love, love, love the Wonder Woman suit. I bet it will be a great source of inspiration for you in your office.

    I think I had a Lynda Carter Wonder Woman doll in the 70s. I wonder what happened to her?!

  3. Thanks for the reminder that
    wonder women...still use sidewalk chalk:)

  4. I love this video....Paige it is amazing and those are the sweetest gals I have ever seen!!!!!! And yes...who doesn't love Jo! I am getting soooooo excited. Hugs to you for a great weekend. {yahoo for Wonder Woman} xoxo