Saturday, June 12, 2010

~Inspiration Saturday~

I have so much inspiration for this
Saturday thanks to some FABULOUS crafty friends!

First up,

Look what I received from my talented quilter, fabric designer, and
pattern making friend

Bari J Ackerman

It's an assortment of her patterns! I can't wait to get started sewing the bags, plus she has a great oven mitt and pad that would be great for Christmas gifts ... (Friends and family, pretend you didn't read that!). Emma wants me to sew her the puppy pincushion so her pink poodle "Lily" can have a friend. Now I just need to find pink wool felt .. Thanks Bari!
I really appreciate you!

Please click on the image to visit her website and see her
AMAZING new patterns and fabric line!


Next ....

Look at the beautiful package
I received yesterday from the FABULOUSLY talented

Elyse Major

When I opened the box, it literally took my breath away ... So sweet!!!
Elyse turns the ordinary into the extraordinary, and my wonderful gift
was no exception!

She paints old soup cans and clothes pins and turns them into
something beautiful ...

How wonderful is this? My own special clip!

Plus, my own little treasure boxes ....

When I was growing up, there was never anything with my name on it.
Now look at me! I feel like I've made it!

Thank you so much Elyse... I will treasure these beautiful things always!
You are truly a sweetheart and a kindred spirit!


To visit her beautiful blog (and you simply MUST!) click on the image ...

cottage - tinkered treasures for your home

then click HERE to read her inspiring "IN YOUR WORDS" Feature ...

Plus (if you didn't think she couldn't be MORE amazing!), her house is going to be featured in an upcoming issue of COTTAGE STYLE magazine!

Way to go Elyse! Can't wait to check it out!

For my last bit of INSPIRATION (But absolutely not least!) ...

Look at my brand new toy courtesy of the FABULOUS


I can't wait to get it open and get crafting ...
You won't believe all of the amazing things this little beauty can do!
So stay tuned as I share my crafty adventures with my new little buddy,

WHEW! Off to get creating .....

THANK YOU so much to Bari J, Elyse Major and Making Memories for making such a FABULOUS Week!

Oh, and don't forget to visit FABULOUS FRIDAY on Where Women Create .
You'll love this week's artist, Tracey Buxton of A Cottage Industry.


Her story is so inspiring, and her style? AMAZING!
Don't miss it!



  1. hi paige!

    what a happy surprise to find myself as part of your post. thank you! i am sooo happy that you like what i sent to you.

    i can totally relate to not finding things with my name. when i was little i always had the "smile" license plate for my bike, or the happy-face pen. nothing with elyse! that makes me extra happy that i made you things personalized with your pretty name.

    i visited bari's site -- so sweet! have fun with your new toy, too!


  2. Just found your blog via 2peas... OMGosh I am in LOVE. All your adorable, crafty things and great links to other totally fabulous blogs, not to mention it's sooooo pretttttty. <3
    Bookmarking you so I can find my way back when I have a day or two to spend ooohing and ahhing over all your gorgeous creations.

  3. Oh I just adore Elyse, her home and her work! So sweet of her to send you the lovely goodies!
    Look forward to seeing you in Sept! Hugs, Jenn