Monday, September 20, 2010


Since we returned home from The Creative Connection on Sunday, I've had this post running around in my head. How do you put in to words all of the wonderful things that I experienced? I don't think the English language holds enough adjectives to describe, but I will try ....


I met many friends,

both old and new


Can I break it up into a top ten?

(In no particular order!)

1. Meeting Krys Kirkpatrick. I collect Bunnies by the Bay (which she started with her sister Suzanne back in 1986), and have admired her beautiful style forever! Emma Jayne's very favorite blanket in the world is her "Bunny Ears" blanket, so even she was excited when I told her I met Krys! And Krys? She couldn't be lovelier.

Look at this cute little guy I bought ....

Plus, she was wearing the most gorgeous necklace. When I commented on how much I liked it, she sold it to me! How cool is that? Visit her at

2. Spending time with my fellow Creative Connection Correspondents

Cindy Hopper (Skip to my Lou) Kim Demmon (Today's Creative Blog) Laurie Turk (TipJunkie)

I *HEART* These gals!

3. Listening to Ree Drummond ~The Pioneer Women~ Speak. She is AMAZING. So funny and down to earth, you wouldn't believe how successful she is. THE REAL DEAL ... I enjoyed every minute of her keynote speech, then meeting her afterward.
I'll always treasure my signed book ....

3. Meeting Joanna Figueroa. We featured her in Where Women Create, so I "met" her by email some time ago. I have always thought she was so talented and nice to boot. When I walked into her class, it was like walking into an old friends house. I was so tired so she offered to give me a kit to do at home and we just sat at the table and talked while the others worked on their projects. The conversation turned to vintage images, so I told her about our huge collection at WWC. She said "Oh I know ... I have your book". DID YOU HEAR THAT?? Joanna has MY book! Not just one. TWO of my books! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! Knock me over with a feather~What a great moment. Someone I admire so much owns my book:) Please visit her HERE

Thank you Joanna!

4. Meeting every single fabulous woman in the pictures above. Most I had only met "online", so meeting them in person was so great. I am already counting down until next year when we can meet again! Of course we do have some great Utah gals up there and I hope we can make a lunch date to get together...

And a special thanks to:
Angela Flicker. Thank you so much for the beautiful card and the extra fabric-you are such a sweet heart!
Kim and Kris from The DIYDish plus their sweet Logan friends. You made me smile so many times ... Not to mention the BEAUTIFUL necklace you gave to me. It made my day~Thank you so much!

*HUGS* to all!

5. Jill Schwartz. What can I say about Jill? Jo has been singing her praises for years, but I have never had the privilege of meeting her until TCC. If you will remember this POST , Jo and I had a preview of her jewelry line at Making Memories. On the drive home, Jo called Jill and asked her to clear her calendar to come to TCC. She did. That is just how great she is. Meeting her was an absolute pleasure. She is so nice and down to earth. I gave her a Facebook tutorial, so please go and join her page so you can follow her adventures. You won't believe the beautiful shots of Paris! Oh, and guess what? Did I mention that her jewelry line sells at ANTHROPOLOGIE and NORDSTROM! ~

So nice to meet you Jill~

OK ... I am so tired! I'll add the next five tomorrow ......

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Proud to be a Creative Connection Correspondent!


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