Monday, November 15, 2010

My Snowman needs some vintage style ...

You know how much I love vintage images right? Finding them was a big part of my original job at Where Women Create (Chapelle publishing). I'd scour Ebay for fabulous old magazines and children's books and I LOVED it! How fun is that job? As a result of my sleuthing and Jo's scouring antique stores and shows, we have a library of vintage images that looks like this ....

And that doesn't include the thousands of postcards and paper ephemera that we have as well. I absolutely love to look through our vintage stash for inspiration ...

It really ignites my creative spark!

So remember this Snowman that I was SUPPOSED to finish last year?

I had a conundrum about what I should put in his hands. A garland? A bucket of Snowballs? DANG! So of course some other pressing project came along and he has been sitting on my shelf just waiting for a holiday accessory for 12 months ... Poor guy!

So last night it came to me ...

Check out the old Dennison books!

For those unfamiliar, The Dennison Manufacturing Co. was founded in 1844 making paper boxes, jewelry tags, display cards and the like. Shortly after the turn of the century, the company turned its attention to making their own crepe paper, which then led to the creation of party supplies. As a promotion to their party wares, they created pamphlets about parties, holidays and crafting.

The most popular of these were the Halloween edition called Bogie Books ...

They were published between 1909 and 1934, and are AMAZING! The illustrations are so charming and whimsical. I especially love the crepe paper costumes! Can you imagine the fire hazard? Plus, all that work for one wearing? Surely you couldn't wear it twice!

If you check Ebay you may find a good selection of Bogie books, but they go for quite a bit of money. However if you'd like to purchase a reproduction, Amazon has most of them. I know you're saying ... "Hello Paige! Halloween is over!" Yes. Yes. On to Christmas. In our collection (among other Dennison books) we have a mint condition 1925 Christmas book. Now that I'd like to use it, do you think I can find it? NOPE! No trace ... Isn't that the way it goes?

So tonight I went back to Ebay where I found (and put bids on) ..

PLUS ...


My Snowman needs a stylish something to hold. Maybe a crepe paper rosette? Or a noise maker? Or a bucket of Snowballs? A garland? A staff? UGH! He can't go another year! Plus, I really want to make a few more Mr. Snowmen.

Save Mr. Snowman Dennison Manufacturing Company:)


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

And the WINNERS are ....


THANK YOU so much for participating in my very first giveaway, and thanks to

for giving me the opportunity to share this with you!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

~Scotch Tape Giveaway~

{Thanks to Scotch(R) Double Sided Tape for sponsoring my writing about crafts. Add your comment below to be entered for a chance to win free sample rolls to help with your upcoming holiday needs.}

I created this project using Scotch (R) Double Sided Tape:

Since we're having a small gathering this year, I wanted to make something special for our guests. This image from my book Instant Memories "Family" was perfect for what I had in mind ...

A personalized place card.

First I printed and cut the image out. Then I attached it to a piece of patterned paper using Scotch (R) Double Sided tape. Next, I cut a piece of brown card stock just slightly larger than the image and patterned paper and attached with four brads, each placed on the corners of the patterned paper. To embellish, I added a flower and silk leaves to the top, metal photo corner to the bottom, then used rub-on letters to spell "Thankful". I printed out my sweet Mom's name on a piece of vellum and strategically placed it over a paper pumpkin using my Scotch (R) adhesive dot roller. For the final step, I added little gems to each corner of the name plate.

There you have it ...

An easy personalized place card for your holiday feast!

~Please feel free to take this image and use it however you would like~

If you prefer a Scrapbook page, I have included that as well ....

Or a journaling/picture block ...

Now for some really GREAT news!

How would you like to win some {Scotch (R) Double Sided Tape} for your own holiday crafting? There are DOZENS of uses for this FABULOUS product! All you need to do is comment to this post, and you're entered! Plus, I'll pick 2 winners who will win 5 rolls each! How about an extra entry? Just follow my blog and leave me an additional comment letting me know that you do:) This contest will close on Sunday, November 7th at Midnight (MST) and I will announce the winners on this blog the next day.