Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Helping our feathered friends ...

Yesterday Emma Jayne and I decided to "Feed the Birds" by making pine cone feeders. Emma LOVES to collect pine cones, so we were set there, but I was worried about her peanut allergy. 

FEAR NOT little birdies!

 A quick google search informed us that Crisco was a fine substitute, so we grabbed our seeds, a big bowl and some ribbon then set to work. After we had a cookie sheet full, we headed out to the tree in our front yard to hang our feeders (Well, I hung them, she hunted for rocks!). As we were admiring our decorated tree, we decided that our favorite one actually looked like a bird! Can you spot it in the picture? Oh, and notice the big rock Emma found? She brought it inside and covered it with seeds as well. I'm not sure how I feel about that. After all, Midnight is a pretty big cat, and putting a rock covered with birdseed on the ground is just an accident waiting to happen ...

Maybe I can find a safe spot out of his reach ... :)

~Have a great day~

*All of these great images were designed by Michelle Underwood. 
She is a FABULOUSLY talented Digital artist. 
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  1. What a perfect day!! And today all the birds are happy over at your home...your sweet Emma Jayne is adorable!!!!

    Hugs for a great day my friend.

  2. how adorable emma jayne is!

    my boys and i love doing this little project.


  3. I love your blog and the pictures !