Thursday, July 28, 2011

Good Hearted Sadie ...

It's no secret that I LOVE vintage children's books! 

My favorite were published by the Volland company and I think after you see how charming they are you'll know why. This image and verse are from the book 

You can read the entire book, complete with illustrations HERE

Isn't that sweet? 

Now don't you want to be a "Good~Hearted" Sadie? 

Which story is your favorite? 



Thank you so much 

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Have a great night My GOOD HEARTED friends:) 

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  1. Paige, thank you for the link! That sight was Awesome! I haven't finished reading them yet:) Thank you so much for visiting and commenting on our blog! We would be So honored to be listed on your sidebar! Where Women Create is my absolute Favorite magazine! I devour every word. Have a wonderful day! Twyla