Sunday, August 21, 2011

Eight words that NO sewist wants to hear from their 5 year old ...

"I'd rather buy my Halloween costume this year"


My Mom took Emma and Mason shopping. Of course Gymboree starts putting out the Halloween costumes before school starts, so Emma spied this:

and then called me with the bad news. 

I almost started crying!! Are you kidding? You don't want me to make you a costume? SOB! 

So I asked my Mom to have them hold it, then started to plan. 

Do I buy it? Do I find a pattern and make it? 


I think I found a good pattern:

And I think I can add tulle and make it extra fancy. And I bet Emma would love to go to Joann's to pick out the fabric. Of course with the fabric, pattern and time it will cost me much more than the Gymboree price, but I HAVE TO MAKE her costume! Anyone else have this same disorder? Please tell me I'm not alone:) 


  1. I hear ya. My daughter wouldn't go for another handmade lunch bag for this school year.

  2. I have the opposite problem this year, Paige! My daughter (who is also named Paige) has chosen a costume from a catalog that is REALLY intimidating to make! And of course she has the utmost confidence that I can make it. Gulp!! It is like a Carmen Miranda costume with a million ruffles and a big fruit-filled headpiece! LOL!! Wow, I am really in for it!

  3. Keller's demanding to wear his football uniform and I'm dying a little inside.

    I'm also still trying to convince one of them to be a pinata. I think the hilarious potential is epic!

  4. I know where you are coming from. I loved to make my sons costumes, and I am pretty clever so I know they were great, but when they wanted "store bought" costumes a little bit of me felt so sad inside. And yes, it was often "cheaper" to buy, than make. But where is the fun in that?

  5. Yours will be much better than the gymbo costume! Can't wait to see it finished!

  6. Oh sweet friend...I would be the opposite of you and be doing a happy dance that I did not have to make are just so adorable! I do know your homemade one would be 100x better. Hugs to you...see you soon.

  7. I can totally relate Paige!

    I used to sew my kids' costumes every year. One year I made a Dorothy costume for my daughter and a Cowardly Lion costume for my son. Another year I created a Cruella Deville costume for her and a Dalmatian suit for him. Too cute.

    Then, one year I suddenly heard those dreaded words. "We want store bought... like everyone else". I was crushed.

    Fear not, in the end after you get over the initial rejection it will free you up for other sewing projects-lol.

    I popped over looking for some CCE news and reviews and it was a pleasure browsing around.

  8. Everyone wants to dress up well in Halloween and even the child too.