Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lalaloopsy Handmade Costume~

It started with a DARLING doll that my daughter loves ... 

Her name is Jewel Sparkles and she is the Princess of the Lalaloopsy's

"Mom, I REALLY want to be Jewel Sparkles for Halloween" ... Says my girl. 

We search and find the costume. It's pre-made ... 

I can't buy a pre-made costume ... It's against my religion! 
(well, ok. It's not, but you sewists understand)

So the pattern is found ...

(Thank you Patty Young!)

The fabric is selected ... 

(Thank you Riley Blake Designs)

The adjustments are made and trims added ... 

The dress is done ...

We find  a pink wig ... 

And you have ... 

Happy Halloween! 

*Hopefully we'll get better pictures tomorrow :) 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Super Easy Fabric Pumpkins!

It's common knowledge that I am a BIG fan of Halloween. I especially love decorating my house and creating projects ... It's my favorite time of year:) One year for Bunco I decided to make fabric pumpkins for all of our players. I had made a bunch before for a craft show, but I couldn't find the pattern. Luckily I found one that was very similar HERE on About.com. I the directions they use up until the "sculpting" part. 
Here are my directions after that point:
1. Leave a wider opening at the top. This gives you room to add the wire for the tendrils.
2. I sew a large button to the bottom of the pumpkin right in the middle. It looks better:) 
3. Before you add the stem, add one or two lengths of wire by pushing them down through open hole.
4. Add the stem and trim using hot glue. MUCH easier and sturdier than sewing! 
5. Add some fun Halloween and/or fall embellishments you choose including: Buttons, stamped tags, ribbons, flowers, spiders, bats, pumpkins ... The more the better!

Here are my ...

Fall Pumpkins 
and my

Halloween Pumpkins

If you have any questions, I'm happy to help:). 


All fabric, most buttons & trim are from 
I purchased the green wire from Dollar Tree
The polka dot flowers, circle letters and small ribbon are from Doodlebug Designs
Additional flowers, tags and embellishments are from 
The fabric flower on the little Halloween pumpkin was made with an AccuQuilt GO!baby.


Now to start sewing this costume ... 

Wish me luck! 



Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Period Movie Update AKA I am a rule follower:)

Ignore my last post. Apparently it is against the TOU of both iTV and the BBC to watch any of their programs using a tunneling service. I so apologize to anyone who read my last post. I truly didn't think of that and would never, ever promote any activity that is a copyright violation or illegal. The way I found the tunneling services is because I didn't want to use the pirated links that are floating around on the internet. I had no idea that this was just as bad. Starting out in the publishing industry, I take copyright violation very seriously. Thanks Anonymous for pointing this out, though I wish you would have either used your real name or messaged me privately. That way you would have known that this was an innocent mistake. I am not affiliated with any of these tunneling programs and that post was not a sponsored post. Thanks everyone:)