Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Period Movie Update AKA I am a rule follower:)

Ignore my last post. Apparently it is against the TOU of both iTV and the BBC to watch any of their programs using a tunneling service. I so apologize to anyone who read my last post. I truly didn't think of that and would never, ever promote any activity that is a copyright violation or illegal. The way I found the tunneling services is because I didn't want to use the pirated links that are floating around on the internet. I had no idea that this was just as bad. Starting out in the publishing industry, I take copyright violation very seriously. Thanks Anonymous for pointing this out, though I wish you would have either used your real name or messaged me privately. That way you would have known that this was an innocent mistake. I am not affiliated with any of these tunneling programs and that post was not a sponsored post. Thanks everyone:)


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